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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the trip:


Is there a transfer to the airport?

Our chauffeur will pick you up from your accommodation by limousine. At the place of arrival you will also be expected and brought to your accommodation for the day.


How do I get to Port Nolloth?

We fly you comfortably and safely within an hour from Cape Town or Johannesburg to Port Nolloth with a private aircraft (Pilatus PC12 Jet or King Air 200) and back again. What about catering? After arriving at our luxurious beach villa between Port Nolloth and McDoogles Bay, we pamper you with a generous breakfast. After the diving our private cook prepares you an exclusive gourmet lunch, which you can enjoy with accompanying wines on our terrace.


How many participants are on a safari?

The maximum number of participants is 6 people. The price per participant remains the same regardless of the number of people.


Who is accompanying the group?

Our experienced diamond divers are always at your side. Who is allowed to go on a dive? As a prerequisite for diamond dive, you must have the PADI Open Water Dive 1. Without a dive, you can observe what’s going on from the boat and help sort the rough diamonds.


How long does the boat trip take?

The entire trip takes about 3 hours.

Questions about diamonds:


Is there a guarantee for the authenticity of the cut diamonds?

Our diamond divers are experienced specialists. In addition our jewels are inspected and certified by recognized experts according to the 4C of international quality criteria. To this end, we are cooperating with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), two renowned Gemological Institutes.


Are the diamonds conflict-free?

On our safari, you can make your own diamonds and be 100% sure about their origin as well as fair working conditions. As a supporter of the Kimberley process, Benguela Diamonds is fighting against blood diamonds. Our diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free.


What happens to the collected rough diamonds?

On deck, the rough diamonds are preliminarily sorted and later, after lunch, classified by our diamond divers. You may then choose a diamond to be cut, polished and paired with your individually chosen piece of jewelry in our studio in Stellenbosch. Can I determine the cut of my diamond? The Benguela team in the jewelry and diamond shop will be delighted to meet your needs and to advise you in choosing the right cut for your jewelry.


How long does it take to hold the finished piece of jewelry in my hands?

The process of transforming the rough diamond into a cut, honed, polished and fitted piece of jewelry takes about 3 days.


Is there an accommodation package with hotels in Cape Town?

The Ellerman House in Cape Town is a partner of Benguela Diamonds. You can book the diamond safari for your stay at the 5 stars Boutique Hotel. Upon your return from the safari, the Dom Pérignon package will be awaiting you. You may end the day with a bottle of 2006 Dom Pérignon Blanc Champagne and a Bento-Box dinner.