We are the experts
for your luxury trip!

We are the experts for your luxury trip!

Benguela Diamonds is the only brand in the world that allows you to trace the journey of a diamond from its original state to a sparkling jewel. As the provider of this unique service, we are of course passionate about making the diamond safari as exclusive as possible for our guests. We understand what our discerning customers want and the standard of excellence they would like to enjoy. As a luxury travel expert, we have thought of every last detail – so that you do not have to think about anything and can relish every moment of your adventure.

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From rough diamonds to jewels in just three days

What makes a safari with Benguela Diamonds so special is that you not only experience a day of adventure full of unique moments, but also have the opportunity at the end to choose your own deep sea diamond and transforming it into a personal piece of jewelry.


Our diamond diver, Wynand Hendrikse, established a jewelry workshop in the heart of Stellenbosch in 2002 – a place where extracted stones are polished into sparkling gems. Seasoned experts and diamond cutters are busy at work here every day. In addition to cutting, grinding, and polishing diamonds, they can fit them in an item of jewelry, if desired.

What happens after you choose a diamond?

You will visit our studio in Stellenbosch, where our diamond diver Wynand Hendrikse will already have your diamond waiting. Working together, we will combine your preferences with our expertise to determine the final form and shape of your diamond.


It is very fortunate for us, and indeed our customers, that our workshop is located directly inside our studio. Thanks to this arrangement, you can collect your certified jewel after only three working days. This service is especially popular among tourists, who do not have to fly home after their diamond safari without the treasure they dived for in person.