A safari adventure:
From Cape Town to Port Nolloth by private jet

A safari adventure: From Cape Town to Port Nolloth by private jet

Your adventure in South Africa begins from the moment when our chauffeur drives his limousine to collect you from your accommodation or the areas surrounding Cape Town or Johannesburg. However, this car journey is nothing compared to what you can expect at the airport: a private jet will take you to Port Nolloth together with all the other guests.


Your pilot for the day will welcome you on board before starting the engine and heading for the west coast. The flight takes about 75 minutes, promising picturesque views of the South African coastline. This provides plenty of time to toast your upcoming adventure and to capture some initial memories of the trip on camera. After landing safely in Port Nolloth, you will be welcomed by our Benguela Diamonds host as soon as you step off the plane.

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Traveling by private jet


Our aircrafts

A safari would not be a real safari without a private jet. Your pilot will fly either a Pilatus PC-12 or a King Air 200. Both aircraft guarantee the highest level of comfort, modern equipment and a pleasant, quiet flight.

Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop multi-purpose aircraft produced by Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft, certified for flight since 1994. There are several model variants of the Pilatus PC-12. On your Benguela Diamonds safari, you fly on a private jet that is used as a business aircraft with six comfortable seats. The Pilatus PC-12 can also be used as a combined freight and passenger aircraft, a pure cargo aircraft, an airliner, for scientific purposes, or as an air ambulance.

King Air 200

The King Air 200 is a twin-engine, high-performance turboprop aircraft with a pressurized cabin. As a business aircraft, the plane is certified to carry up to 17 people – but in most cases it has only between seven and eleven seats. It offers a large, comfortable cabin and plenty of storage space for luggage. Thanks to the passive silencers in the cabin, your flight by private jet to the west coast will be a very relaxing journey.

Comfort in the air,
on land, and at sea

Comfort in the air, on land, and at sea

We are true experts when it comes to offering our guests an exclusive adventure across the board. In that sense, we want you to have everything you could wish for on board our diamond diving boat. Excitement combined with superior comfort – that is what Benguela Diamonds stands for.


After casting off, the boat will drop anchor behind the breaking waves, which can be tricky for swimming. If you have a valid PADI Open Water Diver certificate, you can then follow our diamond diver Wynand Hendrikse into the depths of the cool Benguela Current. Modern diving equipment will of course protect you against low temperatures.


While you are keeping an eye open for glassy stones underwater, our diamond diver maneuvers large suction pipes to pump sea floor material out from the water. This forces gravel through a collector that separates larger stones from finer ones. Only the larger pieces get back on deck, where they are “fished out[OL1] ” in a process that separates diamonds from the gravel with a sieve system.