Unique diving safaris with
Benguela Diamonds
– search for the
treasures of the sea

Unique diving safaris with Benguela Diamonds – search for the treasures of the sea

Imagine that you yourself had found the diamond that you wear around your neck, on your finger, or on your earlobe. Sounds adventurous, doesn’t it? What would you say if this fantasy became reality? With Benguela Diamonds your exciting dream of an extraordinary safari comes true. Descend with us to the treasures of the sea. Follow us on an exclusive diving safari in South Africa!

Diamond safari

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We offer you the opportunity to experience the journey of a sea diamond from his discovery on the ocean bed to the transformation into a sparkling piece of jewelry.

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Villa with ocean view

A bright living room, four bedrooms, a large terrace and a sheltered patio create a comfortable ambiance in our beach villa in Port Nolloth.


Facts about diamonds

Precious gems

Diamonds are the world’s most precious gemstones. In our facts about diamonds you can read a lot of interesting information about these valuable treasures.

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Find deep sea treasures

Dive for diamonds

Follow our diamond diver Wynand Hendrikse on his boat. Enjoy the unique experience to dive for your own sea diamond.

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Two passions

One dream

The journey of Benguela Diamonds begins with the story of one man’s dream to share this alluring stone with the rest of the world.

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The taste of the west coast

From breakfast to
gourmet lunch

From breakfast to gourmet lunch

In our beach villa in Port Nolloth our private chef welcomes you with an excellent breakfast and fulfills your every culinary wish before the boat takes you out to sea. Afterwards you will enjoy a gourmet menu with South African delicacies.

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Deep sea diamonds

From the depths
of the earth

From the depths of the earth

The sea bed of the Atlantic Ocean holds a sparkling treasure chest. However, diamonds do not originate from the sea. How did they end up there?

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Ellerman House

Luxury on the slopes of Lion’s Head

The five-star boutique hotel in Cape Town is an exclusive partner of Benguela Diamonds. Book your diamond adventure in addition to your accommodation and relax after your exciting day with a bottle of champagne


One story

One man and one current

The story of the unique journey of a Benguela Diamond Diving Safari begins in the depths of the Benguela Current on west coast of South Africa. It is the story of a single man’s dream to share the fascinating beauty of diamonds with the rest of the world. And so Benguela Diamonds was founded, named after the cool Benguela Current which flows north from the Cape of Good Hope along the west coast of South Africa to the equator. Its underwater banks are extremely rich in mineral stones – especially diamonds. Dive for them! It’s time to find your own ocean treasure.

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2-Michelin-Star chef creates new gourmet menu for the diamond safari

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Benguela Diamonds at “The Stack”

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The most beautiful places in and around Stellenbosch

Benguela Diamonds

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Your individual diamond safari:

Luxury – exclusivity

Not only on our diving safari will you experience all the nuances of discreet luxury and comfort. After the diamonds have been brought up you select your personal favorite from the stones right on board the boat. If you wish, your rough diamond will be cut, polished, and turned into a brilliant piece of jewelry by the pure passion of the craftsman. Our Benguela Diamonds team will do this for you in the studio located in the heart of Stellenbosch.