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It started
with a dream 

It started with a dream 

The story behind Benguela Diamonds begins with the dream of a man who wanted to share his fascination with diamonds with the rest of the world. The person in question is Wynand Hendrikse, born in South Africa, who has been professional diamond diver for 20 years. He aimed to allow discerning customers to experience the adventure of a diamond safari while expanding the trade in diamonds, focusing in particular on four key factors: transparency, authenticity, quality, and faultless service.


He thus founded the Benguela Diamonds brand in early 2016, enabling customers to see first-hand the journey of a rough diamond as it is transformed into a sparkling jewel. To this day, we are the only company in the world to offer this extraordinary adventure. We extract our own deep sea diamonds in a private area before working them into radiant gems in the South African town of Stellenbosch.

More about Wynand

Named after the
Benguela Current

Named after the Benguela Current

Benguela Diamonds is named after the cool Benguela Current, which flows north from the Cape of Good Hope along the west coast of South Africa toward the equator. Hundreds of years ago, this brought a vast amount of conflict-free diamonds into a region known as the Angola-Benguela Front. These diamonds, having been created deep inside the earth, were washed to the sea floor after traveling through African streams, rivers, and estuaries for millions of years. It was on this journey that the precious stones entered the rough waters of the Benguela Current. This was powerful enough to carry the heaviest stones. Today, its underwater banks are extremely rich in mineral stones – especially diamonds that are waiting to be discovered by you.

Why we
recommend Benguela Diamonds

Why we recommend Benguela Diamonds

From the outset, our philosophy has been to offer customers extremely competitive prices as well as diamonds of the highest quality.


Our diamonds:

are 100% genuine and of top quality

guarantee the best price for you

are certified and conflict-free

can be acquired without an intermediary

Over more than two decades, we have struck deep roots in various segments of the diamond industry. As a result, we have established a high level of expertise and outstanding professional skills in this complex area, which is constantly changing. With our knowledge and experience, we can meet all of your needs and preferences if you are looking for an exceptional diamond.


As a member of the Diamond Dealers Club South Africa ​​and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), we are committed to ensuring that the international diamond industry is profitable, respected, and sustainable. Traceability and ethical working conditions are extremely important in this market, and these are among our top quality criteria. Benguela Diamonds also supports every aspect of the Kimberley Process. This system prevents transactions involving smuggled jewels and promotes the trade in conflict-free diamonds through state-issued certificates of origin.