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Port Nolloth:
peace, seclusion
and shining fortune

Port Nolloth: peace, seclusion and shining fortune

The small port town of Port Nolloth lies at the tip of the Diamond Coast in western South Africa. This is the center of sea diamond extraction in the country. In an area spanning hundreds of kilometers between the coastal town and the Green River estuary, high-quality precious stones are hidden between sand and gravel on the sea floor. It is not only adventurers and fortune-seekers who start dreaming here: the sparsely populated strip of land is far removed from the beaten track inland, tempting people to enjoy the tranquility and romance of unspoiled natural landscapes along the rough Atlantic coast. Enjoy peace and seclusion in the dreamy town of Port Nolloth, the only resort on the Diamond Coast of South Africa, and dive for your own marine treasure with Benguela Diamonds.

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A great discovery
on the diamond coast

A great discovery on the diamond coast

The history of this small settlement on the west coast dates back to 1854–55, when Commander Nolloth established an entrepôt in a remote bay. The idea was to transport copper mined from the hinterland surrounding Springbok and Okiep. However, the waters were too shallow for large ships, so the dream of the important port city quickly burst. More than a century later, Port Nolloth was to gain fame and reputation for a much more valuable commodity when a young boy discovered a glittering stone on the beach: the coast’s first diamond. In the 1970s, a diamond rush broke out on the west coast. Although this frenzy has since passed, the small town’s old houses tell the stories of those days, and the sea floor of the Diamond Coast is still teeming with precious treasure.

An idyllic gem
on the west coast:
Port Nolloth

An idyllic gem on the west coast: Port Nolloth

The small, picturesque town is nestled in a secluded bay on the South Atlantic. Dreamy Port Nolloth is shrouded in a dense mist each morning, while during the day the boats of diamond divers and crayfish fishermen sway on the horizon. Local restaurants serve freshly caught seafood, and residents have mythical stories to tell about diving for precious diamonds. The sea is too cold for bathing: the Benguela Current drives masses of cool water along the coast, but it once also brought many valuable diamonds that now lie at the bottom of the sea. These precious stones were swept from the inland Kimberley region into the sea by the Orange River over millions of years. Around 80 kilometers north of Port Nolloth, the Orange River flows into the Atlantic on the Namibian border, where marine currents have spread jewels along the entire Diamond Coast.

Your diamond safari
on the Port Nolloth coast

Your diamond safari on the Port Nolloth coast

Join Benguela Diamonds on a first-rate adventure on South Africa’s west coast. On the morning of your diving safari, we will fly you to Port Nolloth in an exclusive private jet and treat you to an excellent breakfast prepared by a private chef in our luxurious beach villa. You will then venture out to sea with our diamond divers and explore the underwater world in search of glittering treasure on the sea floor (assuming you have a PADI Open Water Diver certificate) or observe the action from the deck. We guarantee that none of our guests will leave the Diamond Coast of Port Nolloth without their own rough diamond!